AB - 501 Upper Arm Cuff Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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Care about your health and clear about your blood pressure. Read the manual thoroughly before using the device. Too frequent measurements may cause injury due to blood flow interference, please always relax a minimum of 5 minutes between measurements to allow the blood circulation in your arm to recover. It is rare that you obtain the identical blood pressure reading each time.

- Accurate reading: the digital blood pressure monitor operates on the oscillometric principle, anti-movement, and anti-noise interference, and result in more accurate reading
- One button measurement: automatic measurement with one button, easy to operate, first apply the cuff, next press the start button, then the monitor display your systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse readings
- 60 x 2 sets of memory: the monitor automatically stores measurement values up to 60 sets for each user (A and B)

Display: LCD screen display
Measurement method: oscillometric method
Pressure measurement: range 0 - 280mmHg, pressure accuracy +/-3mmHg
Pulse measurement: range 40 - 180bpm, pulse accuracy +/-5 percent of display reading
Arm cuff circumference: 22 - 32cm
Operation condition: temperature 5 - 40 Deg.C, humidity 15 - 80 percent, air pressure 50 - 106kPa
Transportation and storage condition: temperature -20 - 55 Deg.C, humidity 10 - 95 percent, air pressure 50 - 106kPa

Blood Pressure Measurement Q and A:
1. What is blood pressure?
The blood follows to the artery in consequence of the heartbeat (systolic and diastolic); When the heart is systolic the blood pressure from the heart to the artery is called systolic blood pressure; ager circulation around the body, the blood returns to the heart the is diastolic and the pressure is called diastolic blood pressure. Doctors can diagnose patients’ blood pressure condition based on the numerical values of those pressures.

2. What is the best time to measure blood pressure?
The best time to measure blood pressure is within one hour of getting up or before going to bed at night.

3. Is digital blood pressure monitor not as accurate as vertical mercury sphygmomanometer?
According to National Standard YY 0670-2008, the errors of the oscillometric method made by digital blood pressure monitors are not bigger than vertical mercury sphygmomanometers. Meanwhile, vertical mercury sphygmomanometer which can only be applied by professional medical personnel as subject to their skills and professional judgment.

4. How to obtain accurate blood pressure valued by using the equipment?
Sit correctly, maintain the cuff at the same level as the heart and apply the cuff correctly. It is important to choose the blood pressure monitor. The digital blood pressure monitor had the anti-movement and anti-noise interference and leads to more accurate results. It is suggested to take measurements in a stable physical and mental state during other periods of the day and better at the same time each day.
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Package Size ( L x W x H ): 12.00 x 10.00 x 16.00 cm / 4.72 x 3.94 x 6.3 inches
Package Content: 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 x Arm Cuff, 1 x English Manual

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